1. awesomehotguys:

    Brenton Hammond



  4. samlovesdick:

    I don’t care for his music but i sure think he’s hot and i’d fuck him any day .

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  5. "Israeli boys"
  6. I want it!

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  8. jafcord:

    • 肌肉帅哥冲浴

    The muscle dudes Chong bath =肌肉帅哥冲浴

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  9. gay-mil-guy:

    How about a little tease ;)

    I want to suck him

  10. gay4straight:

    does anyone know where to find the video of this?

    It detects live cameras do not seem to have a movie like this photo of his transmitter


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  12. Twinks הומואים להשתעשע עם סקס אוראלי


  14. menforfun:

    John Kenney

    Similar to an Israeli actor Yehuda Levi


  15. "Israeli actor Yehuda Levi"